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Dear friends of Hotel Jardis,

You are probably following the news about the corona virus, just as we are. And perhaps some of you are uncertain when your next holiday with us in beautiful South Tyrol will be possible again. We would like to reassure you and assist you in making your holiday decision without any pressure for time. Therefore, we have postponed the start of our season to 24th April and until July 31st, we have suspended our existing cancellation policy. This will ensure that you have enough time to follow further developments and to postpone or cancel your holiday at short notice in case of emergency.

Since it is in our nature to remain optimistic, we are sending you an encouraging thought during this time: problems bring opportunity. What is special about that? The Chinese word for crisis contains two syllables which read separately mean danger and opportunity. For us, this is a very positive metaphor illustrating that one can only become stronger after emerging from crisis.

With this in mind, we remain confident and look forward to seeing you again soon, or making your acquaintance at the Boutique Hotel Jardis on the southern side of the Alps.

Stay healthy!

Warm greetings from sunny Lana,
Boutique Hotel Jardis

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